Build & Maintain Your Own Mobile Friendly Website!

We’ve made it as simple as possible!


Just follow the steps in our online website builder course and in six weeks we will not only teach you how to build a fully functional mobile friendly website but also how to maintain it inhouse – easily, quickly and efficiently.

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An Exclusive Online Training Course for Restaurateurs

Learn how to build your own website in 6 weeks, maintain if for a lifetime and become your very own marketing guru in the process!

How Do We Do That?

Through a series of helpful training videos, we will guide you through the entire process – and beyond! We teach you how to Build & Maintain your own Mobile Friendly Website easily and affordably!

Why Are We Doing It?

We have over 10 years experience in the website and marketing industry, and now we are taking that knowledge to educate and teach restaurateurs how to be successful online and become their very own Marketing Gurus.

What Are We Offering?

We have combined our technical and marketing expertise to carefully develop a 6 week interactive training course, specifically developed for restaurateurs who want a simple website – and you get the website included as part of the course.

Special Limited Time Offer - Save $500*

*This offer is strictly limited to the first 50 restaurants who apply.Secure Your Place Now
Who, What, Where, When, Why, How
Who, What, Where, When, Why, How

We make it Easy

We understand that the thought of building or updating your own website can sometimes be daunting – that is why most people leave it to web specialists. And while that kind of service is great, if you are happy for someone else to take care of your website for you, nowadays more and more restaurant owners want to be able to manage their own website.

Sound familiar? But where do you start and what amount technical knowledge do you need?

How we can help!

If you know how to use a computer, we can teach you how to build and maintain your own mobile friendly website!

At Hospitality Gurus, we believe that your mobile friendly website is one of the most valuable marketing tools that you have available to your restaurant. We have taken the time to carefully craft and develop a customised website training course specifically for restaurants and restaurant owners/managers.

Over six weeks, our trainers will take you through each step of the website building process with fun, interactive and instructional videos that you can watch back at any time!

At the same time, you still get the advantage of dedicated web specialists managing all the behind the scenes technical tasks – like the servers, running plugin updates, and always making sure your site is up and running fast.

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Special Limited Time Offer - Save $500*

*This offer is strictly limited to the first 50 restaurants who apply.Secure Your Place Now

Control Your Own Online Destiny

Learn, Understand, Execute & Take Control!

While most restaurants may have a website, it is only the beginning of the online journey:

  • Your website must be kept secure and up to date with the latest technical changes (and they change all the time!!) to maintain peak operation and best practice. Good news, we take care of all that tech stuff for you!
  • Your website needs to have the latest information about your restaurant and its persona. You need to update your content (words, images, news, upcoming events, special offers, new menus etc) to ensure it remains fresh and relevant to your customers. We teach you how!
  • Your website needs to be found … so you have to think about Search Engine Optimisation, Advertising, Social Media and ongoing Online Directory Management, so we provide tips and tricks to teach you how.

We have the solution! 

Learn the what, where, how and why of building a user friendly, mobile friendly website with our 6 week online course. At the end of our course you will have a fully functional performing mobile friendly website AND you will have the expertise to manage it yourself!

Then we don’t just leave you there! You will have our entire team to back you up with any support requests PLUS a Facebook group of other restaurateurs like yourself to ask questions and share answers.

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Special Limited Time Offer - Save $500*

*This offer is strictly limited to the first 50 restaurants who apply.Secure Your Place Now